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Jamiat-e-Sadaat Pakistan for strict action against blasphemous filmmakers

PESHAWAR: Jamiat-e-Sadaat Pakistan (JSP) has condemned the blasphemous film and urged the US govt to arrest the producers and award strict punishment to them so that no one could dare to produce such a film in future. This demand was made in a unanimously adopted resolution at the end of a daylong Rahmatal-lil-Aalameen Conference at Nishtar Hall Peshawar on Sunday.

The prominent Ulema, Mashaikh, Sadat-e-Karam and followers of the Holy Prophet from various parts of the province attended. Prominent leader, Muhammad Noorul Hasnain Gialani, patron in chief JSP presided. The resolution observed that the sacrilegious films had breached the sentiments of the entire Muslims and damaged the Muslim world relations with America. It, he said, had also created law and order situation in the world.

The resolution said that Islam is a peace-loving religion and teachers respect for all the religions of the world. It is also the responsibility of the world to frame such an international law through the United Nations under which it should be binding upon others to respect every religion and its personalities. The resolution said that the Muslims throughout the world and particularly the Muslims of Pakistan reserved the right to block the way of such blasphemers by themselves if the United Nations failed to frame such laws. The conference appealed the Muslims of the world and particularly in Pakistan to boycott the American products particularly those owned by the Jews until the UN could not frame rules to block the way of such blasphemers and ensure its implementation.

The JSP leaders later handed the resolution to the representatives of the US consulate in Peshawar.The emotionally charged participants raised their hands to support the resolution and vowed to preach the teaching of their prophet and foil nefarious designs of enemies. The speakers including Maulana Razaudin, Pirzada Noorul Haq, Syed Liaquat Gilani, professor Dr Shafiullah, Syed Maqbool Hussain Shah, Maulana Syed Jamal, Shahid Wadood, Syed Tahir Abbas and others highlighted various aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet and vowed to spread the teaching of their prophet instead of resorting violent protests on such issues.

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