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Jabbar vows to counter Indian Propaganda through media

ISLAMABAD- Adviser to Chief Executive on Information Javed Jabbar said Pakistan is not perturbed at India’s intensified propaganda against it. He also said the government will enhance its domestic media base to effectively counter New Dehli’s campaign. “We are not disturbed at the Indian propaganda, we have full confidence in our abilities, we will enhance our access to the world and in the coming few weeks new steps will be taken in this regard,” Jabbar told newsmen.

Replying to some queries about India’s recent hostile attitude, Jabbar ruled out an “immediate threat of war,” but said, the country is fully prepared to “take care of this hostility.” “At this time we know that we have a hostile neighbour under a particular government so we are fully prepared and ready to take care of that hostility,” he said.

“At this moment in time, I do not see any immediate threat of war but India remains under a government that is hostile to Pakistan so we must remain vigilant.”

Jabbar told a questioner that the most effective factor in the context whatever India does with its channels is the minds and hearts of the people of Pakistan. “They cannot penetrate, they cannot break or erode the will or the identity of the people of Pakistan, they can launch a hundred channels, we will withstand that because we know what we are as a nation, we are evolving constantly into a better and more refined concept of what we are as a nation.”

Referring to some Asian countries banning satellite dish antennas, he said, there has never been a restriction on access to international media in Pakistan. “We would not try to artificially conceal the truth of Pakistan, this is why we are expanding the domestic media base we cannot fight the external communication challenge without first responding to the internal challenge.”

On strengthening the domestic media, Jabbar said, that can be materialised by achieving higher professional standards.

“The broadcast material should be true, and reflective of different points of view and to advance towards the expression of pluralism of views, the government has taken steps.

Source: Business Recorder