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Internet in border areas banned

LAHORE- Pakistan has banned internet access in certain areas including border belt with neighbouring India as a security measure in the wake of war threats emanating from India, it is reliably learnt.

As a result of unannounced ban on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have not been able to connect ISPs through telephone lines. “Every time I try to connect to ISP, the message the line is busy, please try again later, emerged,” said an Internet subscriber.

“We lodged many complaints with out respective ISPs but no sufficient answers were being provided in order to resolve the problem,” said a net user. Due to the ban, Internet cafes situated in the border areas, including Batapur have been closed. Similarly, the use of prepaid calling cards for international dialing have also been banned in the border areas.

Pakistan’s long-standing differences with India escalated last month after India blamed an attack on the Indian parliament by the Kashmiri separatist groups, allegedly backed by Pakistan. A military build-up has been accompanied by travel bans and sanctions unilaterally imposed by India.

Meanwhile, an official of a leading ISP said that many of its customers were facing problems in connecting Universal Internet Number (UIN) from their located exchanges, to the exchange of the ISP.
Source: The Nation