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Information Ministry rejects All Pakistan Newspapers Society comments

ISLAMABAD: A spokesman for the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has rejected the comments by the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) regarding centralized advertisement policy.

The spokesman said the Press Information Department (PID) had not reformulated the advertisement policy, but had just reiterated contents of the existing policy and urged the federal government ministries, divisions and public sector organizations for its implementation in letter and spirit.

The APNS itself has been demanding this step in order to curb the tendency of some clients releasing advertisements directly to the media in contravention of the advertisement policy. The spokesman said: “The present government does not believe in arm-twisting of the media. The past four-year track record of the government vindicates this assertion”.

“It has never used advertisement to curb and control the press as alleged by the APNS,” he added. It is unfortunate to note that the APNS is trying to force the government to withdraw its advertisement policy, which has been endorsed by successive governments since decades.

To term it dictatorial is highly objectionable as all major media houses have assumed the status of media tycoons under this advertisement policy. However, the spokesman said, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry was open to hold a dialogue with APNS and other stakeholders to improve the mechanism for release of public sector advertisements.

The spokesman expressed the hope that instead of urging the government to abdicate its legitimate right of releasing advertisements as per policy, the APNS would ensure implementation of Wage Board Award, issuance of proper appointment letters and timely payment of salaries to the working journalists and media employees.

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