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Information ministry proposes over Rs 2,070m for 24 new projects

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ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has proposed 24 new development projects for inclusion into the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the upcoming budget 2017-18 with estimated cost of Rs2,070.422 million, including Rs150 million for placing code of conduct for media and Rs48 million for establishment of TV channel ranking and data centre.

The Ministry of Information also proposed funding of Rs75 million for up-gradation of monitoring system up to 250 TV channels and Rs400 million for establishment of Pemra office buildings, (i) purchase of land in six regions and four sub offices, (ii) construction of office buildings in six regions and four sub offices. The ministry also proposed allocation of Rs70 million for capacity building of the working journalists’ staff, including local training and foreign training but the Planning Commission seems reluctant to make this project as part of the next PSDP.

According to the list of projects prepared by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and forwarded to the Ministry of Planning for inclusion into the upcoming PSDP for 2017-18, the ministry proposed zero allocation for 13 ongoing development schemes for the next budget, including dubbing of Pakistani dramas in foreign languages as the total estimated cost of the project stood at Rs44.179 million out of which the expenditures are expected to incur Rs31.388 million up to June 30, 2017 so remaining funding requirement stood at Rs12.791 million. However, the ministry has sought zero funding from the PSDP for the next fiscal year.

Other ongoing development schemes for which the government sought zero allocation of funding into the PSDP included Rebroadcast Station Athmaqam Neelum Valley (AJK), 100 KW, MW Gwadar, Balochistan, Rebroadcast Station Bar Khan Balochistan, Rebroadcast Station Dhudhnial, Neelum Valley (AJK), Rebroadcast Station Kel, Neelum Veelay AJK, Rebroadcast Station Jura, Neelum Valley AJK, Rebroadcast Station Karan, Neelum Valley, AJK, Rebroadcast Station Kharan, Balochistan, Rebroadcast Station Sharda, Neelum Valley, AJK, Rebroadcast Station Ziarat, Balochistan, up-gradation of security of National Art Gallery, PNCA F-5/1, Islamabad, and establishment of Sautul Quran FM Network Phase-II.

For new projects proposed for the PSDP 2017-18, the ministry developed a project up-gradation of production and transmission of PTV News to HD, satellite transmission from PTV Home to DVB-SD2 with H264/H-265 compression with estimated cost of Rs674.858 million as Departmental Development Working Party (DDWP) had approved this project on 21-3-2017. The ministry has sought allocation of Rs100 million against the total cost of Rs674 million during the upcoming budget.

The government sought Rs50 million for unapproved project for replacement of equipment & Control Room of PTV Academy against total estimated cost of Rs150 million.

For rebroadcast station at Shangla, KP, the government sought allocation of Rs48.384 million out of total estimated cost of Rs52.854 million. This Shangla rebroadcast station project had approved by CDWP on 12-1-2008 but in the last nine years only Rs4.470 million could be utilised. Amir Muqam who is now spearheading campaign of ruling party into the province is making all out efforts to get funding for this project.

For up-gradation of Radio Station, Multan, under ODA programme of South Korea, total estimated cost of the project is estimated at Rs49 million out of which the foreign funding is Rs37.656 million but the ministry demanded zero allocation for this project in the next budget.

The Ministry of Information has demanded Rs65 million for rehabilitation of medium wave services from Muzzafarabad AJK, Rs284 million for replacement of three medium wave transmission at Mirpur, Lahore and Quetta, Rs43.710 million for establishment of National Center for Performing Arts/National Theater at Shakarparian Islamabad, Rs40 million for establishment of National Film Academy H-9, Islamabad, Rs55 million for establishment of war gallery at PNCA, NAG F-5/1 Islamabad, Rs58.6 million for up-gradation of Film, Light and Sound equipment NAG F-5/1 Islamabad, Rs10 million for establishment of digitalized archive library NAG-F-5/1 Islamabad, Rs56 million for PNCA Open Air Theater at NAG building F-5/1 Islamabad, Rs125 million for regulatory reforms and its implementation/engagement of national and international consultants and experts, Rs150 million for media development/implementation of code of conduct, Rs55 million for Research & Development, Rs75 million for seed money for universal service fund for implementation of digitalization plan, Rs48 million for Channel Ranking and Data Center, Rs169.484 million for proposed plot number 19 & 19 A measuring 4000 sq yard Mauve Area G-11/1 Islamabad, Rs15 million for establishment of Research Wing ISA, Rs31 million for security measures and revamping of news operations Islamabad and four provincial capitals and Rs45 million for PC-1 for up-gradation and automation of APPC (Phase-1) Isb and all provincial capitals for the upcoming budget.

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