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Indus launches 24 hours news channel

KARACHI-Indus Entertainment has started a new channel -‘Indus News’ on Friday. It is Pakistan’s first Independent round the clock news channel. The man behind Indus Entertainment Ghazanfar Ali is the pioneer of private productions and Indus Vision, the first independent satellite TV channel from Pakistan.

The idea of an independent News channel was in the mind of Ghazanfar Ali but primarily, Indus Vision started its news segment with the strong back up of a current affairs segment. About the start of news on Indus vision the head of News channel, Adnan Awan, said that at the very first stage, Indus Vision started with the one regular bulletin at 10 O’ clock every day. Besides the News telecast, talk shows like Do Toak, Khulli Baat, Mujahid Online and other documentary programmes such as Fact File, Assignment, and Reporter. Programmes on the current political situation and social issues prevailing in Pakistan received immediate popularity. The independent news and current affairs broadcasts increased viewer ship and based on the popularity of these programmes Indus Vision decided to launch the first independent News channel from Pakistan. ;

Behind the success story of the new independent News channel, were the creative minds of Ghazanfar Ali, Mujahid Barelvi, Adnan Awan, Shaheen Salah uddin and others who played vital roles in making the dream a reality. Awan. Is actually behind the scenes and heads the channel which produces both the news segment and the current affairs section.
Source: The Nation