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Indonesian musical show held

A coffee morning featuring traditional Indonesian music was held at the Indonesian Embassy on Tuesday. The event was organised by Indonesian Women Association and attended by wife of the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Alia Amad Khan, wife of the Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Nadine Sheikh, wife of the Foreign Secretary Shaista Jilani, ladies from IFWA and other walks of life in large number.

The venue was beautifully decorated and the guests were greeted by their host wife of the Indonesian Ambassador Mrs Butar Latuconsina on arrival. The musical show featured performance of an Indonesian troupe from the Tanah Karo, a district of North Sumatra Province of Indonesia, which is home to the centuries old customs and traditions strongly intertwined with religious beliefs and rituals.

One of special characteristics of the Tanah Karo’s culture is the ‘Perkolong-kolong’. The ‘Perkolong-kolong’ is a specialised group of musicians and dancers considered essential part of thanksgiving ceremonies, social gatherings and other festivities. The Perkolong-kolong is a centuries-old unbroken musical tradition whereas sensation of Tanah Karo continues to fascinate music lovers. The Perkolong-kolong group was established about 11 years ago. The group has five members and they are Arnis Ginting the music arranger and keyboard specialist, Dengki Sembiring the Saruni and Balobat Flute Player, Endy Sitepe was on the Gendang Indong a set of mini drums played with small sticks producing beautiful knocking sounds, Agustina Sembiring was the female singer and dancer and Mulianta Karo-karo the male singer and dancer.

An interesting fact about the Saruni the focal musical instrument that featured the show was that it was made about 113 years back in 1899 by the grand-grand father of Dengki Sembiring who masterly played mystical tunes to enthrall the audience. The presentation of the ‘Uwisgara’ was followed by another interesting ritual of casting rice by the dancers. The symbolic gesture is carried out to pray to God Almighty for His compassion, favours and blessings.

The captivating sweet melodious song ‘Lau Bulham’ was the next performance while other songs included, ‘Terang Bulan’, ‘Mbiring Manggis’, ‘Jeeway Jeeway Pakistan’ and ‘Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke’ that enthralled the audience and they applauded them. Wife of Ambassador and others also danced on the tune of music. At the conclusion of the ceremony Indonesian food was served to the guests.

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