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Indian hackers prepared for cyber war against Pakistan

Pakistan Press Foundation

Ever since the news of the surgical strike broke out, hackers in India are gearing up for a cyber war.

According to reports, they are waiting for the government’s ‘approval’ to target Pakistan’s cyber infrastructure.

“We are trying to enter into their critical establishments after the Pathankot attack. We got the access to ‘’ websites. But we need a command from the Indian government to hack them,” said S. Amar Prasad Reddy, additional director-general, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.

“If necessary, we can damage their digital assets…We have penetrated into their defence infrastructure.”

Reddy also claimed that the team had penetrated the entire websites.

“If we get the go-ahead from the government, we can do it. We are ready.”

They also said to have entered into Pakistan’s principal database and showed that the Pakistan’s critical websites are penetrable.

Cyber war between the hackers of the two countries is not new. ‘Vulnerable’  government sites from both sides have been regularly hacked by hackers from the other side. However, it is unclear whether the government will sanction an official hacking of the websites from across the border.

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