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Indian channels on cable TV: Survey shows mixed response


ISLAMABAD – Findings of a survey conducted by Gilani Research Foundation-Gallup Pakistan has concluded that almost an equal number of all Pakistanis, who have access to cable television, favour and oppose the showing of Indian channels on cable TV.

Almost 43 per cent of all Pakistanis favour the airing of Indian entertainment channels on cable television in the country while 42 per cent opposed it. With a majority, 51 per cent rejected the conspiracy theory that Pakistani government aired Indian entertainment channels to keep the masses away from political agitation against them, while 26 per cent agreed with this proposition, the survey stated. In the survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the country with access to cable television were asked the question, “Some people are in favour of Indian channels being shown on cable TV while others are not. Are you in favour or against Indian channels being shown?

Responding to the question, 43 per cent were in favour of the Indian channels being shown on cable TV as opposed to 42 per cent who were against it, while 15 per cent said they don’t know. A detailed study of the data revealed that comparatively more ruralites (46 per cent) were against than their urban counterparts (36 per cent). The survey also revealed that relatively more men (45 per cent) than women (39 percent) were against this practice.

In another following follow up question, “Some people believe that Indian channels are being shown on cable TV to keep public aloof of the national news, whereas others say that they are being shown on public demand. What is your opinion?”

Responding to the said question, majority (51 per cent) believed that the Indian channels were being shown on public demand as opposed to 26 per cent who were of the opinion that it was to distract the public. 23 per cent gave no response.

The survey revealed that relatively more urbanities (56 per cent) believed that it was because of public demand than the rural dwellers (47 per cent). This survey was carried out among sample of 2,075 men and women with access to cable television, in rural and urban areas of all the four provinces of the country, during February 2011.
Source: The Nation