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Inane morning shows


Lahore: Pakistani media has progressed very rapidly and numerous private channels have become a source of information as well as entertainment for all. This has resulted in competition among the channels, a race to stand out. For the attainment of this goal, programmes are produced that would attract a good number of viewers and generate a handsome amount of revenue, while completely neglecting the content of the programme and its quality.

Every morning, nearly all the news and entertainment channels telecast morning shows on a regular basis. In the near past, these morning shows used to provide fairly good entertainment and were also a good source of information, in which professionals like doctors, educationists, etc, were invited to share knowledge with the general public and other healthy activities were also made part of the show.

However, now these shows have lost value and status. Most of the content of the morning shows nowadays include inviting ‘amil babas’, visiting haunted places, discussing black magic, and inviting ghosts on the set. Arranging live wedding ceremonies on the set is also an essential part of these shows. Sometimes inane wedding ceremonies of already married couples are arranged on the show. The show ends with sentimental scenes with heavy makeup cracking because of tears running down the eyes. Then there are some hosts performing the duty of a lawyer on the show to solve different domestic cases, and others indulging in police raid-like activities (satirical kudos to Maya Khan).

In addition to all this, the conversation is mostly based on useless gossip and making fun of others (some guest or caller), which is a common practice. Last but not the least, the signature lawn mania, at the start of every summer, then mid-summer or winter collection is made an essential part of the show.

With great power comes great responsibility and the media should feel this responsibility that lies on its shoulders. Morning shows, instead of indulging viewers in useless activities, should play an active role in society building by providing information, education and fine entertainment besides working as the fourth estate.

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