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In the name of honour

By: Rahul Karamat Barlaas

This is with reference to Talat Farooq’s article ‘In the name of honour’ (Aug 9). How can one murder one’s own child? The murder of Shafilea by her parents for her being too westernised was a very callous act and a pitiful one. The impact of surroundings on an individual is very intense and spontaneous. Researchers already say that nobody can have immunity against their environment because the pressure of environment is so immense that no matter how much determined one is, one will not be able to neglect and repel its force. Shafilea lived in London and was influenced by its environment and culture and there was nothing wrong in it – Shafilea was acting normally with respect to the culture of the country she lived in.

If her parents wanted her to follow their conservative rules, why did they take her to Britain in the first place? Only ruthless people can perform the brutal and disgusting act of murdering their very own child. It is heartening to know that Shafilea’s parents have been sentenced to 25 years in jail.

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