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In defence of women

THIS is apropos of an interesting letter, ‘In defence of women’ (March 13), by Humera Alwani, member, Sindh Assembly. It is a harsh fact that women in Pakistan have never enjoyed their rights, especially in the perspective of Sindh’s interior.
I suggest the government should take the following steps to ameliorate the lot of womenfolk:– At all levels the government should announce free education for women.
– Similarly, the government should announce free treatment for women.
– The amount of endowment funds that the government is providing to girls for education should be increased.
– The government should introduce interest-free loan for women’s foreign studies.
– The government should immediately compensate women victims of domestic violence.
– The government should increase women’s quota in every field.
– The government should increase seats of quota for women in assemblies.
– To resolve women’s issues, the government should make special courts for women that should provide speedy justice.
– Women’s police stations must be ensured in everylocality.
– The government should immediately start awareness campaigns for women’s rights and arrange seminars, conferences, etc., frequently
– Also, the government should include lessons in the curriculum about the awareness of women’s issues.
– The government should take immediate initiatives to protect the rights of disabled and older women.
– Fees for entry into public places like parks must be waived off for women.
– Free women’s health centre should be established in every locality.
– Finally, the government should make strict policies to check the various abuses of women such as domestic violence, emotional blackmail, forced marriages and sexual violence.
It is good to see that the current government is considering making laws to protect women and their interests.
Source: Dawn