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ICT strategy to help achieve tax reform objectives

ISLAMABAD (December 20 2003): The Central Board of Revenue (CBR) has devised an information communication technology (ICT) strategy to help the tax authorities in achieving reform objectives, eliminating interaction between the tax officials and the taxpayers, sources told Business Recorder here on Friday.

Under the plan, the CBR will form a Central Information Depository System (CTDS) for providing online data on sector/industry profiles to the taxpayers, besides other relevant information.

The strategy will be implemented by the selected CBR officers of tax administration and the information technology departments and supported by tax specialists covering areas such as audit, human resource, information communication technology (ICT) and taxpayer education.

The ICT strategy will enable the CBR to achieve its revenue and reform targets by making procedures and their application transparent and providing easy access to timely and accurate information for decision making.

The goal of the ICT strategy is to move from a highly manual to an automated environment.To implement the strategy, information will be made available at all the strategic points within the organisation to improve management control, bringing it to the level of industrialised countries and increase transparency of tax administration.

This would also help in reducing interaction between the tax collectors and the taxpayers during day-to-day operations.

The sources said that the international donors have pointed out to the CBR that despite substantial past investments in the information technology by the CBR, desired results have not been achieved because standard information technology development methodology has not been followed.

The information technology project management has been inadequate with almost no preparation for a user interface, management and isolated system development.

Source: Business Recorder