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HRCP welcomes pro-women laws

LAHORE: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) welcomed on Thursday the adoption of two pro-women rights bills by parliament, and demanded that urgent measures be taken to implement them.

A statement by the commission said: “One cannot but welcome the passage of Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Bill and Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill from both houses of parliament.

“It is also encouraging that the bills were passed unanimously. Prohibition of forced marriages, marriage with the Holy Quran and barring women from inheriting property have been decades-old demands of civil society and all rights respecting people. It is extremely encouraging that there would soon be a legal sanction to enforce women’s rights. We hope that these changes in the law would lead to addressing violence and discrimination against women, and promote economic independence for them.”

The HRCP also stressed the need for implanting the laws through changing mindset and approach of the people towards women’s rights.

It urged civil society to join the government in highlighting the pressing need for the changes these laws envisage and remain vigilant in tracking progress and ensure that the change in laws indeed ameliorates the condition of women.

Source: Dawn