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HRCP calls for disarming MQM

LAHORE, May 13: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is deeply aggrieved at the loss of life and bloodshed caused by the violence perpetuated in Karachi on Saturday.

In a statement here on Sunday, it said all reports indicated that it was the result of a calculated adventure hatched by the Presidency and the MQM with co-operation of the Sindh government. “The aim is to silence, depress, and decimate the civil society of Pakistan. It was a militant act to deny people their freedom of expression and association. The blocking of roads, arming MQM militants who took positions at strategic roadblocks, and ignoring the directions of the Sindh High Court were all carried out by the government.”

The HRCP said at each occasion of the Chief Justice’s visit to bar association, the government had issued warnings of security risks. “At the same time, government rallies are being regularly held at the cost of taxpayers and the local residents. The vulgar show of celebrations held at Islamabad soon after the massacre in Karachi appeared to be designed to ridicule the loss of innocent lives. Only a callous, irresponsible and an unrepresentative government could have celebrated in Islamabad while Karachi burnt.

“The events in Karachi indicate that the government, in collusion with the MQM wants to return Karachi to a state of ethnic hostilities and use the politics of prejudice to achieve its ends. These heinous acts have exposed the extent to which the MQM is willing to go in its support for an unpopular military leader. It is now imperative that the MQM be disarmed so that the citizens of Karachi can live in peace and security.

HRCP calls upon other political forces and civil society to defuse ethnic polarization in order to prevent further such incidents. At the same time, HRCP encourages the bar associations to continue with their peaceful struggle for the supremacy of the rule of law. The lawyers’ movement has given a ray of hope to the disempowered people of Pakistan as was obvious by the solidarity shown to them. It is an opportunity to unite rather than divide.”
Source: Dawn