"How you educate yourself when you are on social media is important." -Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

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“How you educate yourself when you are on social media is important.”

Pakistan Press Foundation

If Pakistan has produced one major superstar in the last few years, it has to be Fawad Afzal Khan. Though Khan has been around for quite some time thanks to his musical outfit, Entity Paradigm, his real ascent to superstardom began once TV drama serial Humsafar appeared on the horizon.

Since then, Khan has gone on to star in three high profile Bollywood films and has shared the screen with the likes of Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Rishi Kapoor. He has also been endorsed by the likes of Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut for his talent (that is often overshadowed by his good looks).

While rising tension between India and Pakistan has forced artists on both sides of the border to distance themselves from one another, Khan has turned his attention to Pakistan full-scale.

Having undergone a physical transformation for his role in Bilal Lashari’s upcoming Maula Jutt film, Khan is also involved with the revival of Pepsi Battle of the Bands and is signed on to play Alamgir in a separate biopic.

In addition, his meteoric can also be determined by the number of endorsements he has bagged since reinventing himself as a modern-day actor. And, unlike his contemporaries, the hugely popular star neither spends too much time on social media nor does he give one too many interviews. When he does choose to speak, all eyes stay on him.

A case in point is the interview Khan gave to Masala magazine recently during which he spoke about how he approaches social media, the ethos behind Silk by Fawad Khan and much more. He also participated in a rare photo-shoot that captured him alongside real-life partner Sadaf Fawad. An excerpt from that interview…

On lending his name to a fashion label (Silk by Fawad Khan)

“I think it’s in very responsible hands and I really admire my wife’s style sensibility. I have borrowed that myself several times.”

 On creative differences with Sadaf over Silk by Fawad Khan

“Well yes, because maybe I do not have the eye that she has! She has a far more trained eye; she is constantly on social media so she’s better versed with fashion trends. I have an extremely classic style sensibility; some people might even call it boring! But I guess simpler things in life make me happy! When it comes to the expectations from the brand it’s in good, safe hands and I can trust it blindly. Even if there is an argument, she has a way of going about it and convincing me, which all wives do (smiles). So I just shut my mouth and follow the leader!”

On evolving style sensibilities…

“It depends from occasion to occasion on how OTT you can go. I believe in the classic. Of course, over the years I have become more ‘civilised’. Earlier, I used to be quite an animal when it came to dressing up (laughs). However, I have never been ostentatious in my approach, I am quite simple.”

On the equation between artists and stylists

“In India, I used to work with Abhilasha Devnani and I think she did a wonderful job in whatever we put together. In Pakistan, I have often worked with Omar Farooq. I think both of them have a very mature sense of style. But I do have a final word on the looks since, at the end of day, I have to wear it and I need to feel comfortable in it as well. I give my inputs and work on the combinations. So far I don’t think I have gotten it all that wrong.”

On fashion do’s and don’ts

“My view on that has changed a bit. I think you need to be the way you are without bothering about what people think is fashionable and not. Yes, one should be well groomed all the time. But I have had lazy days when I just don’t want to do anything and I have literally stepped out in slippers and pyjamas. So that’s my opinion currently though it might change in the future. These days I am relaxed but when I get into work mode full time, I will take more care (of what I am seen in). Otherwise on an average day, I have a ‘who cares’ attitude (smiles).”

On becoming a father again

“It gets better and better every day and I think that’s the case with fathers. Normally a woman carries a child for nine months and those feelings are very internal. The guy may not even know the details of the situation. That changes after a child is born which is when the responsibility actually dawns on you as a father. Since this was the second time after Ayaan (his elder son), I was more prepared. But it’s the most amazing and emotional feeling. Right now I just hate staying away from my kids. I have all the affection in the world for children. Not because it’s clichéd to say that, but I actually believe they are the future generation and how you nurture them and the environment they grow in will reflect on our own future. That’s why I feel love and care will breed more love and care. It’s all about the energy you give out and frankly, I fear that about the world now. The vibe being sent out is very dark and negative…”

On social media

“Social media is obviously playing a massive role… I used to discuss with Shakun (Batra, the director of Kapoor & Sons) at length about this. He used to argue that technology is great for the world and he has a point. If used the right way, it can actually revolutionise the world. But it’s not being used in the right way now.

How you educate yourself when you are on social media be it Facebook or YouTube is important. For instance, my recent obsession is astronomy. I watch every other documentary on the subject since it intrigues me. Everyone has different interests but instead of constructive learning, people generally tend to lean towards the negative…and I think social media has somehow given fuel to this kind of thinking. So if used the right way it can be great but unfortunately we tend to gravitate towards the other extreme.”

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