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How social media can prove to be a menace

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KARACHI: Social networking websites are now widely used by youngsters. According to a survey conducted by a youth centre, youngsters spend more than two hours every day visiting various social networking websites. There are many disadvantages of using them.

Teenagers often only get hooked to social networking websites as these help them provide the latest ‘status update’ regarding their activities to their friends, instead of proving to be a platform for something far more productive.

There is no doubt that news regarding friends on the internet has been skyrocketing. As it is difficult to differentiate good people from the bad ones in the virtual world, teenagers may be deceived by others easily.

Needless to say, it is high time that teenagers pay attention towards this negative aspect of social media and do not spend too much time on it. Teenagers should be careful about how they spend their time surfing these websites in order to avoid getting addicted to them. Schools should teach youngsters about the advantages and detrimental effects of visiting these websites so that they can learn how to surf wisely. The concerted efforts of youngsters and teachers both to fight against the addiction of social networking websites are crucial.

Marium Akram

Express Tribune

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