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High density communication chip designed

ISLAMABAD : A team of Pakistani engineers have designed a high density chip for multimedia communication over Internet protocol which is seen as a breakthrough in telecommunications field.

The team working with Communications Enabling Technologies (CET) R&D facility of expatriate Pakistani owned Avaz Networks Inc USA is focusing on next generation telecommunication solutions over Internet protocol.

The high density chip which converges voice, data and video is its first product which is to be followed up by other innovative products, Safi Qureshi, CEO of Avaz Networks, told Business Recorder.

The chip can handle simultaneously 2,000 voice communications which at present is the world’s highest density chip. However, they are, at present, marketing chip with 1000 voice links. The network intends to market the chip in the region, Middle East and Asean and African countries, before venturing into North American and European market. Pakistan is going to the testing ground for the chip which is claimed to be highly cost effective and a world class product.

Safi Qureshi said that in a highly competitive market, only high quality sells and he has accepted this as a challenge for the instant and future products. Many ideas are in the pipeline, he disclosed.

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the new trend in communication where voice and data share a single packet switch network. The advantages include much reduced equipment cost, easy maintenance resulting substantial saving. For instance, a small chip in computer CPU box replaces a big room or hall of a telephone exchange.

Mohsin Rahmatullah, Director Design of CET, said that the chip solves many difficult technological challenges associated with VoIP including compression, echo cancellation and compensation of lost packets. This offers solution to the coming and future challenges in communication.

With minimal equipment of a chip, the repair and maintenance cost is exceedingly low as compared with a big network of an exchange.
Source: The Business Recorder