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Haqqani says lawyers have advised him not to speak to media

ISLAMABAD: Former Ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani says he has been advised by his lawyers not to address the media until the Supreme Court hears the memogate case on 19th.

Following is the text of his statement sent to the media on Friday:- “My lawyers have advised me out of respect for the honourable judiciary to not address the media until the matter is heard in court on the 19th.

This does not mean, however, that I have no case to make or point of view to explain. I should not be condemned without due process.

I was the first to demand an inquiry into the Memo affair and offered to resign in my November 16 letter to the President simply because Pakistan needed an ambassador in Washington who was not being subjected to a media trial at home.

This is my response to those who say if Haqqani was not guilty why he resigned. I returned to Pakistan to clear my name and defend the credentials of the democratically elected government I served honourably.

Unfortunately, some people have decided to play prosecutor, witness and judge all at the same time, presenting claims as evidence and statements of one man with clearly questionable credentials as fact.

I request talk show hosts to allow the people of Pakistan to calmly witness the ongoing judicial and parliamentary processes instead of every day allowing repetition of harangues that presume guilt and create fear. I am confident that when the inquiry is completed, I would be vindicated.”

Source: The News