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Govt apologises for dual system, hints at amending LG system

By: Imtiaz Ali

Karachi: The Sindh government on Tuesday sought an apology from the people of the province for imposing a dual administrative system and hinted that it might amend the revived Nazim-led system in consultation with its allies and might change even its name.

“It was a technical and unintentional mistake for which we seek an apology from the people of Sindh,” said the information minister.

Sharjeel Memon said that the PPP still believed in the commissionerate system, but they did not make it a matter of ego for the sake of reconciliation.

Speaking at a press conference at the Sindh Secretariat, he said that the PPP would now initiate a dialogue process with the coalition parties.

He admitted that the ordinance for reviving Gen Musharraf’s local bodies’ system should have been promulgated throughout the province instead of just two cities.

He said some friends in Sindh agitated over it and their concerns were justified as the dual system was wrong. Realising the mistake, the government promulgated the LG ordinance on the same day to bring uniformity to the system in the province.

This was not a victory or defeat of any party, Memon said, adding: “We reversed the system to start a dialogue process with the allies.” The LG system was revived for the sake of law and order, and the PPP would give every sacrifice for establishing peace. He said that they did not want political polarisation at a time when the country was facing multifarious problems ranging from unemployment to internal security and external conspiracies. Memon said the system was revived in the larger interest of the province.

Regarding the nationalists’ allegation that the PPP had laid the foundation for Sindh’s division through a dual system, the PPP leader said the province could be divided “over our bodies only”.

He said they considered the nationalists as their brethren and urged them to see the ground realities. He also criticised the past role of the nationalist parties in Sindh.

Memon asked the nationalists why they had not protested when this system was imposed during the government of Gen Musharraf. He said the people knew what laws were passed when a nationalist (Jalal Mehmood Shah) was deputy speaker of the Sindh Assembly.

Replying to a question why Senator Babar Awan had been taking decisions on Sindh, he said Awan had been a Pakistani, but there was a time when foreign diplomats used to take decisions on the province.

He also severely criticised the Sharif brothers, asking them why they did not launch a movement when Akbar Bugti was killed. He said Imran Khan had also taken part in a referendum conducted by Gen Musharraf.

The PPP leader said these leaders had come to power through the backdoor, and democracy did not suit them.
Source: The News