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Government treats public office as sacred trust, says Jabbar

ISLAMABAD- Information Minister Javed Jabbar said the Government has established by its commitment and performance that public office is a sacred trust and has earned people’s confidence in its policies on national issues.

“The Government has established that public office is a sacred trust and the entire nation will appreciate this as they have been longing to see the values of integrity and honesty in the top office holders,” he stated at the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation programme conference of station directors.

Javed Jabbar dismissed reported allegations of Qazi Hussain Ahmed as utterly false and unfounded and said the office holders of the Government, led by Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf, have never misused their power for personal gains. “We have, in fact, drawn a line between the public office and personal interests and we have demonstrated that in letter and spirit.”

To the PBC station directors Jabbar said, they should stay creating and present different, fresh and exciting programmes to the listeners to define still higher standards of professionalism and pull more and more listeners. “Radio Pakistan is the voice of the nation, with its broadcast in 19 languages, it reflects a remarkable variety of dialects and lifestyles yet it is a unique institution strengthening the unity and solidarity of Pakistan.” Lauding Radio Pakistan’s role in promotion and projecting a Pakistaniat, he said the concept of Pakistaniat has gained strength and is a part of the basic psyche and identity of its people.

Earlier, Director Central Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), Syed Anwar Mahmood, expressed the hope that Radio Pakistan, as a national institution, will live up to the expectations of the people. “Radio Pakistan will endeavour to attaining higher standards and its committed and hard working experts will put in all efforts to increase its listenership through quality presentations.”

He appreciated the active interest of the Ministry of Information and the Government in promoting the lot of PBC.
Source: The Nation