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Government to facilitate foreign journalists

PESHAWAR- Secretary Information Anwar Mehmood and Information Secretary to President Maj. Gen. Rashid Qureshi said the government had no intention to put restrictions on the movements of foreign journalists rather it wanted to facilitate them in the coverage of the events in this part of the country.

Briefing foreign journalists they said, “we restricted their movements not only to avoid misreporting but also to ensure their security in the tribal areas and the Afghan refugee camps.”

On this occasion they referred to a film shown by a foreign electronic media depicting the routine movement of Pakistani troops as though they were moving towards border. This did not have any truth whatsoever. These troops were shown as if they were patrolling the border.

“There was no movement on borders rather it was a routine march, which the battalions carry out as a normal training.”

Moreover, they said, “we are also conscious of your security which could cause a problem.”

About the setting up of refugee camps in anticipation to accommodate the Afghans on the border areas, which would further add to the problem, they said, “we are contemplating setting up a mechanism to take the foreign journalists to the refugee camps in groups.”

Referring to a question about the bomb blast in occupied Srinagar and the alleged involvement of a religious group in it they said the organisation mentioned has denied its involvement in the incident. “Whenever there is incident, the Indian government and its intelligence agencies began saying such things.”

On this occasion, the Press Secretary to the President Maj. Gen. Rashid Qureshi who is also Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), referred to a number of events when the Indian troops killed innocent people just as they massacred the Sikhs so as put blame on Pakistan. How can a strictly guarded area like the parliament building which is highly sensitive, could t blasted with explosive particularly in the present situation where security measures have been tightened.

He also referred to a film produced by India to CNN and BBC showing Mujahideen in camouflaged dress being imparted training and raising the slogans of Allah-o-Akbar and liked whether people in a training camp would allow photographers.

These were definitely Indian troops, he said.

Source: Business Recorder