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Government limits smoking ads on TV and radio

ISLAMABAD: The government on Saturday banned smoking-related advertisements on television and radio channels between 600am and midnight.

The 2002 Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-smokers Health Ordinance Implementation Committee decided to impose, the ban during its second meeting. Federal Health Munster Muhammad Nasir Khan chaired the meeting. The committee was told that TV and radio channel administrations were willing to implement the ban to control the use of tobacco products in Pakistan.

The committee also decided that 20 percent of space in cigarette and other tobacco related products’ billboards would contain warning notes such as ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. The committee decided 30 percent of a cigarette pack would contain health warnings.

Mr Khan directed provincial health ministers to ensure ban was implemented. The government implemented the anti-smoking ordinance, which bans smoking at pub-lic places, on June 30. An estimated, 22 million people in Pakistan use tobacco and about 9910s%w@ople die of smoking related in the country, which me~ 271 deaths every day or 11 deaths every hour.
Source: Daily times