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Government envisages, $60m software exports during 2000-2001

ISLAMABAD- Information Technology masters of the present government envisage US$ 60 million software exports during 2000-2001 as they are pushing ahead with plans to bringing revolution in Science and Technology (S&T) arena.

Special heed is being paid to the sector for grappling with the pressing challenges of modern era by training IT professionals in hundreds and expanding its net to remote areas. The government allocated 100 times more budget (Rs.15.7 billion) as approved by National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST) for S&T, this year, as compared with that of the last fiscal (Rs. 11 0 million).

Annual Development Plan (ADP) unveiled prior to the announcement of the budget 2000-2001, has also set the physical target to train 600 to 800 IT professionals this year. Furthermore, 50 towns will be connected for internet purposes and the number of internet connectors be risen to 150,000. Out of Rs. 15.7 billion Rs. 10 billion are being released interlinking the provision of remaining amount with revenue collections.

An ambitious IT development programme has been chalked out and an allocation of Rs 2 billion has been made in Federal PSDP 2000-2001, for various information technology projects/ initiatives. Since IT is a symbol of efficiency, consistency, reliability and quality control its importance has further enhanced in the context of global free international trade where “Competition is the rule of the game.”

It will also pave the way to find out a solution to poor public service, poor government commonman contact, inefficient public utilities and services, lack of transparency and accountability, corruption, inefficient business, high inflation, high degree of unemployment, substantial imports, and low domestic production. “Pakistan too, needs to find its own niche in the world market,” said minister for Science and technology Dr. Atta-ur- Rehman.

“Promotion of Information Technology will help find solutions to all these ills,” he added referring to bottlenecks hindering the way to progress. ADB also envisages enormous potential in the expert of software, service and IT trained manpower to the International software market.

In line with Government’s aim following an ambitious plan in IT area, the concepts of Electronic Government, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Business, and Electronic Medicine would be implemented in order to achieve the targets of Efficient Government and Private Sector in a medium term period.

Source: The Nation