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Government considering autonomy to Pakistan Television (PTV), Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC)

ISLAMABAD- Information Minister and Chief Executive’s Advisor on National Affairs Javed Jabbar said the press in Pakistan is completely free and the Government is considering measures to provide autonomy to Pakistan Television (PTV) and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).
He made these remarks in a meeting with the Chairman of the BBC, Sir Christopher Bland at Broadcasting House in London.

The Minister informed the BBC Chairman of the media policies of the Government of Pakistan. The Minister also explained the concept and the principal aspects of the decision taken by the government to allow the establishment of private and independent radio and TV channels in Pakistan in the near future through a transparent regulatory process.

Javed Jabbar also informed the Chairman of the BBC of the recent developments in Pakistan and the ongoing initiatives being taken by th6 Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf to establish genuine and enduring democracy in the country.

The Chairman of the BBC expressed his appreciation for the progressive approach to media and information of the Government of Pakistan. Sir Christopher Bland also conveyed his thanks and appreciation to the Minister for the agreement concluded recently between Radio Pakistan and the BBC under which some BBC programmes are being re-broadcast for listeners in Pakistan.

The Chairman of the BBC presides over both the domestic and global radio and television services of BBC. It may he noted that this is possibly the first time that a Pakistan Minister for Information and Media Development has held a meeting of this nature with the Chairman of the BBC who described it as “a most useful and interesting discussion.”

The discussions focused on the unique status of the BBC as an independent organisation whose autonomy and day-to-day operations are protected and enforced by the specified charter and a written agreement between the Government and the BBC. Even though, the Government appoints the Chairman and the Board of Governors of the BBC, the policy and the contents of the BBC are entirely subjected to the guidelines given by the Governors. Once appointed to office on a five year term, the Governors cannot be dismissed or changed unless on ground of corruption or grave ill health.

It was also agreed that the scope for possible co-operation between BBC and the Ministry of Information for establishing new regulatory, frameworks for electronic media would be explored in the near future.

Source: The Nation