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Government committed to harmony among provinces, says Marri

KARACHI: The four provinces should share all burdens equally to strengthen the federation, Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri said on Sunday.

She called the recent statement of Punjab Chief Minister’s Adviser Zulfiqar Khosa disappointing.

Marri said Khosa was probably misinformed about her comments made after a meeting between the Ministry of Water and Power and representatives of IRSA and WAPDA.

Marri said the meeting aimed at addressing the water shortage in the country and the decisions taken regarding Taunsa-Panjnad link and Tarbela Dam were made in order to provide immediate relief to areas facing water shortage.

“The president is deeply concerned about all issues facing Pakistan, internal and external, and is committed to alleviating them. The democratic environment promoted by him ensures that no province is deprived of its due share, and there is no discrimination. His commitment to sustainable development and initiatives for women empowerment have put Pakistan firmly on the road to progress,” the minister said. Marri regretted Khosa’s statement, saying it was imperative that all provinces stood united in these times.

She said Punjab was an integral part of the country, adding that the people of each province felt for their brethren in other provinces.

Marri said the Punjab chief minister’s statement was a positive testament to the fact that the PML-N was a national party committed to democracy.

“We must learn from good examples of one another instead of making insinuations leading to discontent. At this time we must focus our collective energies towards countering the divide-and-rule policy of anti-democratic forces attempting to work against the interests of Pakistan,” she said.

Source: Daily Times