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Government allows private radio, TV channels

ISLAMABAD- The government has announced its decision for issuing licences to run television and radio channels in private sector.

The process of policy making in this regard is also under way. However, several questions regarding the policy framework need explanation like what would he the terms and standard for issuing a licence to the private sector or how many shares a party can own for running a television or radio channel. Whether any newspaper owner will be allowed to get a licence?

Observers are of the view that if newspapers owners are allowed permission in this regard then it will create an atmosphere of monopoly that will undermine the free flow of information.

There were reports during the last government that a considerable number of foreigners were interested in establishing television and radio networks in Pakistan. Official sources said Chief Executive Gen Musharraf was committed to bring a revolution in the information sector. His clear directives are that the proposed transmissions must be ideological identity.
Source: The Nation