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Google earnings touch $500m per year in Pakistan

By: Muhammad Yasir

KARACHI: Google Inc is earning handsome revenue of $400-500 million in Pakistan mainly through advertisement of international and local companies, having businesses with expansion potential in Pakistan.

Jana Levene, chief Emerging Market Development, Southeast Asia at a meet-up ‘Hangout with Google on Making the Web work for Pakistan’ said on Monday, “Pakistan is best market for Google Inc hence it has made increase its investments in the country with different projects to empower and engage users, government and private sector.

Google has started its projects with representative association with of IT companies as P@SHA Social Innovation Fund and then Innovation Punjab, she said.

Besides it has been aggressively working with federal and provincial government for initiating various projects in the local market exploring the local potential.

But it needs regulatory framework, appropriate legislation and data security to flourish in the market along with meaningful engagement of more people in the future, Levene added. Pakistan is the big market for Google Inc because of its growing online population, which is more than the overall population of Singapore and more than the internet users of Malaysia.

The number of internet users is on the rise in Pakistan, crossing 22 million mark as if now though they need engagement being a significant internet population that will come with different ways.

Google can be used for infinite ways, the users can exploit different purposes including economic growth and society prosperity and particularly the interaction of international community so as foreign companies will think about safe political set up of the country and to be attracted to explore opportunities in Pakistan.

We have decided to empower people of Pakistan particularly the thought and innovation leaders, bloggers, entrepreneurs and students through regional summits and training sessions.

In this regard, the Company has set up Google Business Group in Lahore and Karachi and soon it will be in Islamabad with the aim to equip all potential members of Google community with resources, Google official mentioned.

The six top-notch professionals from Google gave presentation on different areas addressing specifically to publishers, advertisers and writers of the online business. Marc Warburton, who is part of the Emerging Market Sales team, gave a presentation on ‘Google Search-be there for those who need you’.

Anand Tilak, regional Manager Agency Relations and Sales Development, Google South East Asia talked about ‘Opportunities beyond Search’. Badar Khushnood, country Consultant of Google Pakistan said the activities and projects under Google platform were successful journey with local partners whether it was with private companies, education institutes or the government.

There are various projects underway with local and federal government by Google along with its partner P@SHA that includes issues of cyber security and survey on internet users in Pakistan.

He said Google has provided free of cost applications to various leading universities of the country whereas it has taken on board cellular companies for free SMS services via Gmail service.

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