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Give ‘Tere Bin Laden’ a chance, says Ali Zafar

By Sohail Raza Khattak

KARACHI: Renowned Pakistani singer, model and now a Bollywood hero, Ali Zafar on Thursday appealed to the president and the prime minister to consider lifting the ban imposed on his Indian movie titled ‘Tere Bin Laden’ and give it a chance in the cinemas of Pakistan.

Speaking at a press conference about his movie, which has been banned in Pakistani cinemas, Zafar said, “The movie does not contain any controversial material, vulgarity or derogatory remarks against the Pakistani law enforcement agencies or Osama Bin Laden as it is being blamed, and rather it is a pro-Pakistan movie.”

“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s idea or philosophy… two years back when I was offered this movie, I went through its script and found that it was a comedy film without any controversy so I decided to do it.”

He said the movie was released last Thursday in Dubai where it made $20,000 on the opening show.

“People watched it and praised it, then why is it banned here?,” he questioned.

He said if a change had to be brought in the country and any progress were to be made, a stance must be taken on some issues

“Give the movie a chance and let the people decide”, he remarked.

He said pirated DVDs of the movie were available in Pakistani markets and it was also being shown on cable networks, then what good is the ban imposed on it.

He said foreign movies should be encouraged in Pakistani cinemas, so that they help create a cinema culture here and generate revenue, eventually providing a boost to the local film industry as well.

“Mumbai has managed to achieve a positive image for India through movies on a global level, and if we want to attain the same kind of success, we will have to take some initiatives. Banning movies over ridiculous reasons will finish the creativity among us,” he said.
Source: Daily Times