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Geo’s Ramazan Transmission smashes all records

KARACHI: ‘Pehchan-e-Ramazan’, the special Geo TV live transmission has smashed all previous records on the very first day of the holy month and established its distinct superiority over other TV channels. The ‘City of Ramazan’ set up during the holy month by world-renowned broadcaster Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain has affixed a stamp of successful popularity with participation of Islamic scholars, reciters and celebrities along with record attendance of citizens. They have eulogized the host for the magnificent set and interesting and soul-stirring programmes. During the transmission more than twenty citizens made these Ramazan moments memorable by winning valuable prizes by direct participation or through telephone calls. Popular and likedby- all Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain hosted the Sehr and Iftar programmes, for the eleventh year running. His mesmeric style and stunningly impressive voice has eneamoured people from all walks of life and all groups of age.

Encouragement of small children observing their first ever fast in the shape of the serene ceremony of breaking their first fast; respectful welcome given to senior citizens made this ceremony memorable in the sense that they spent some most beautiful moments of their life with celebrities as well as celebrated scholars of the country. Viewers have expressed joy over participation of scholars of the four schools of thought in the most famous religious programme in the world “Alim and Alim’ and termed it best practicable example of ‘Unity Among Muslims (Ittehad-Bain-al-Muslimeen). During the transmission the biggest and most rewarding quiz show ‘Zair, Zabar Paish’ is the centre of special interest of viewers. Three teams will be taking part in this programme daily. The interesting and novel format and manner of conducting this show to judge the intelligence and knowledge of participants has won laurels for Dr Amir Liaqat. The transmission opened with the inspiring recitation from the Holy Quran by the celebrated reciter Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi followed by the equally soul-stirring translation and explanation of the verses by Dr Amir Liaqat.

The transmission continued up to the wee hours of the morning and was topped with the great reciter Imran Sheikh Attari and weaved a circle of holiness all around. The viewers massively enjoyed the interesting dialogue of the host with the noted politician Sheikh Rashid Ahmad. They also saw with awe the beautiful and rare art work on calligraphy on the holy names of our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). In the segment ‘Darood Do Minute, Rehmatain An Ginat” lifted the people spiritually. People highly appreciated the events and happenings in the lives of prophets so beautifully narrated by Dr Amir Liaqat. Participation of guests and live callers in the programme ‘Lohi- Mahfooz’ coupled with a rain of prizes increased the interest manifold. In ‘Tabeeb-i-Azam’ segment, people lauded the way Dr Liaqat narrated the treatment in the light of teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The programme ‘Ishaia’ with recipe for a new dish everyday is also becoming very popular, especially with ladies. The programme ‘Rah-i-Naiki’ conducted in her sympathetic voice by Bushra Amir, to alleviate the sufferings of grief stricken people in collaboration with Mahmooda Sultana Foundation Trust was also eulogized by viewers. The Geo and Jang offices were flooded with calls in which callers highly appreciated the vigour and gusto of Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain in his mission to serve the great religion Islam and also to serve the down-trodden people.

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