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Gang rape victim seeks justice

KARACHI: In pursuance of justice, a 40-year-old gang rape victim from district Naushero Feroze, arrived at Karachi after seeking help of an NGO, Aurat Foundation. Most of the perpetrators are arrested but she continues to receive threatening calls from the three men, who are still at large. In a press conference held by the victim and her family members on Wednesday at the press club, Shezadi Nagore disclosed that 44 days back she was sexually assaulted by a gang of five men while she was working in the fields in her village Mohammad Yousuf Nagore in Naushero Feroze. “I was working in the fields with my husband and daughter when 12 armed men attacked us.” Five men held her husband and assaulted her in his presence. “They did not even spare my eight-year-old daughter,” she said. Her nephew, Abdul Razzak, further explained that the rapists claimed that the victim’s son had teased one of their daughters after which they decided to avenge by raping her.

“I don’t believe this is true and even if my son was involved in any such act, why did they choose to deprive me of my honour in this manner,” said the disturbed victim. Her son-in-law Arbab also said that the rapists had been involved in similar crimes in their village and they should be brought to justice. The family has appealed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to take suo moto action against the rapists. Human Rights activist from Aurat Foundation, Anis Haroon, who was also present at the conference, added: “The government has been making strong claims about the Women’s Protection Bill, but they need to understand that more than protection, such vulnerable women want justice. Their safety can only be guaranteed when those responsible for ill-treatment are brought to book.”
Source: The News