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Gang rape victim awaits justice

KHAIRPUR: International Human Rights Day was observed worldwide on Sunday, but gang rape victim Shahzadi of the Yusuf Nangore village continued to wait for justice, while the influential rapists roamed scot-free, humiliating the law of the country. None of the human rights organisations, on the other hand, took up Shahzadi’s case, who shivers with fear when she witnesses that police have not yet arrested the accused in the case.

There are reports that Shahzadi, after remaining under constant fear due threats to her life and depression, has given in to a heart problem and symptoms of paralysis are also clearly visible. None of the authorities of the Sindh government or any other institution visited Shahzadi after the incident, though her case was no less gruesome than the case of Mukhtaran Mai. Shahzadi was gang-rapped by 12 men, who got hold of her while she was picking cotton in the fields near her house in the village of Yusuf Nagore.

She is being victimised again by double standards of human rights organisations, which know about the cruelty she underwent but has not highlighted her case. She is herself unaware of what International Human Rights Day is; otherwise, she also could have held a press conference on the day to tell the media about her ordeal. Shahzadi has alleged that the Kandiyaro police have not provided her with protection despite repeated reports about threats from the accused.
Source: The News