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Funds shortage stifles music talent show

LAHORE: The Talent Hunt programme for amateur singers initiated some weeks ago at Alhamra Cultural Complex, Qadhafi Stadium, has been suspended due to lack of funds, officials told Dawn.

The programme used to be held on every Friday and a large number of young and upcoming singers would participate in it.

The weekly auditions used to be held on Wednesday and Thursdays during which participants performed on stage to the tunes of live orchestra. The first such programme was held on May 18.

The basic objective of this show was to find and promote young singers from the Lahore Arts Council’s platform.

In each of these programmes, some 30 or so participants would perform and in the last six shows more than 200 girls and boysparticipated.

The programme that used to be held at the open area of Cultural Complex was getting popular day by day. Some of the participants were also picked up by a private television channel.

Alhamra Music Academy students at Cultural Complex would also perform in the shows.

A number of vocalists who used to participate in the programme have shown their resentment over its closure saying that contrary to Punjab government claims that it was focusing on youth and trying to create all kinds of avenues for youngsters in every field, including performing arts, a vibrant talent hunt activity had been closed.

LAC Executive Director Muhammad Ali Baloch, dispelled the impression that the show has been closed permanently.

“We have temporarily suspended the show and it will be revived with the funds from the new budget.”

Mr Baloch said another reason of suspending the programme was repetition of participants.

He said the programme would be revived in near future with a better design and more effective participation of the youth.