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Fresh petition against Khuda Kay Liye

LAHORE: Advocate MD Tahir moved a fresh petition on Saturday in the Lahore High Court (LHC) against the exhibition of the movie, Khuda Kay Liye, saying that it was against Islamic values and was a conspiracy to disturb law and order in Pakistan.

The LHC office had returned Tahir’s previous petition against this film on July 26. In the petition, Tahir claimed that his petition was returned illegally after nine days because it was returned without any objection. He said he wanted to know why his petition was returned.

Tahir said the exhibition of the movie was hurting Muslims’ feelings and cited the Indian government’s ban on the film. He said the movie was not being played in the US because it had a weak script.

The petitioner claimed that the movie was objectionable and would add fuel to ‘the fire of terrorism’ in the country. He said that in the movie, Naseeruddin Shah, an Indian actor, played the character of a Muslim scholar who said that music was permitted in Islam and that prophet David had been a good singer. He said that in the movie, Shah also said that Islam allowed a Muslim woman’s marriage to a Christian man. He said Muslim scholars were mockingly referred to as ‘mullahs’. He said that according to the movie, the Taliban were against Muslims and were murdering them. He said this concept was a source of agitation to Muslims.

Tahir had earlier moved a petition against the movie’s exhibition on July 18 that was rejected by the LHC office without putting any objection to it.

The movie was released on July 20. A large number of people went to the cinemas of the city, many of which were completely booked in advance.
Source: Daily Times