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A pair of French journalists have been accused of attempting to fake a video of neo-Taliban training and operating an Balochistan. Whether they were engaged in a deeper conspiracy against Pakistan, are merely a couple of unscrupulous journalists, or were simple duped, is not clear.

However the way they have been paraded on the state television network is not in good taste, and the number of times the clip has been shows amounts to overkill. In its rather creaky effort to prove that Pakistan has no hand in the resurgence of the Taliban, and its attacks on UN, Afghan government and US military targets in Afghanistan, the Pakistan authorities seems to have neglected the impact this could have on Pak-French relations.

France is not just an important trading partner both in its own right and as a leading member of the European Union, it has shown itself as reliable in defense cooperation, and has not hesitated at technology transfer.
It would therefore be best if the state media called off its odd campaign and allowed the journalists to obtain bail, they should be tried, but the French embassy can be asked ensure their presence whenever court proceeding require.
Source: The Nation