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Freedom of information: report suggests promotion of community radio

ISLAMABAD: Community radio must be promoted as it is being used in every poor country to eradicate corruption, influencing policies because these can never be improved without debates taking on board all the stakeholders.

These are the recommendations presented by UKs – a Research, Resource and Publication Centre on women and media in a report based on the role and use of radio to promote freedom of information.

The issue of freedom of information is a basic human right and should be pushed forward both on community and national level. Report further says that to create further awareness of how radio can be used to inform general public about freedom of information and how radio broadcasters can utilise it to provide transparent and constructive information to their listeners.

Community radio becomes interactive with the help of community. It is not centralised mechanism that is received from higher authorities. It further recommends that broadcast content should address corruption and malpractices for bringing about a change. Select and nominate focal persons to manage and coordinate all freedom of information issues, Radio Pakistan and FM organisations should give in-house training to radio broadcasters on freedom of information.

Radio must be monitored regarding the utilisation of freedom of information and performance must be reviewed by external and regulatory bodies, the report said. Training must also be conducted for public sector officials about freedom of information for smooth flow of information between government and the media.
Source: Business Recorder