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Freedom of information: Report on radio’s role published

ISLAMABAD: The Uks Research, Resource and Public Centre on Women and Media and the Foundation Open Society Institute have jointly published a new report on the role and use of radio to promote freedom of information.

The report, ‘Openness is an essential part of public governance’ focuses on radio and provides an overall view of the fact how media in Pakistan takes up the issues of access to information.

It also sheds light on what do broadcasters think and know about the significance of access to information and how it can enhance people’s capacity to participate in the democratic process of the country by enabling them to make informed decisions about matters pertinent to government. The report also provides an overview of the earlier initiatives taken to introduce ‘Freedom of Information Ordinance’ and their implications.

The report is the final outcome of a combined project of the two NGOs emphasising the issue of freedom to access information as one of the prerequisites for democratic governments for the sake of transparent and smooth governance with reference to the role of radio.

The project, through its tool of media mapping, monitoring and training, highlighted how all information belonging to the public domain should be easily accessible to allow citizens to actively participate in the democratic process. Role and use of radio for this purpose was the focal point of the project.
Source: Dawn