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FM radio station destroyed in Bara

ANDI KOTAL, March 31 2006: Mehsud Scouts on Wednesday March 30 night destroyed Mufti Munir Shakir’s illegal FM radio station in the Nala Malikdinkhel area. The radio station was silenced when it was hit by a mortar shell, which also damaged a portion of the mosque from where the FM station was run, and slightly injured two of the Mufti’s supporters.

The attack was carried out after the self-proclaimed commander of Lashkar-i-Islam Haji Mangal Bagh refused to close down his FM radio station and discontinue patrolling by his activists on Bara roads.

The radio station had barely started its transmissions on Wednesday night when it was targeted by the Mehsood Scouts.

Haji Misri Khan, one of the Mufti’s close aides, condemned the attack and pledged to continue to “operate” against their opponents.

Cleansing the area of anti-social elements and destruction of their property was in accordance with tribal traditions, said Misri khan, adding that they would not challenge the government’s authority.
Source: Dawn