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FM Listening | Awkward stuff on FM channels

While listening to the transmission of various FM channels one feels that these channels instead of becoming the voice of people are becoming the voice of ‘Love Birds’. Most of the shows on various FM channels contain discussion about love, break-ups, followed by songs dedicated to softer sex.

Listeners share their love stories on air and seek advice. No doubt, to some extent these things sound quiet interesting but not every time. Moreover, mature and sensible RJs are needed to handle such issues.

There are also some shows in which listeners get to hear awkward stuff from the callers or through text messages asking RJs to inform about the tactics of impressing girls or handling three girl friends simultaneously.

One should not blame callers for all this, the RJs are encouraging them to share all this. This is happening on Power 99 FM every week from Wednesday to Sunday from 9 PM to 10 PM.

This one hour sponsored show is hosted by Faisal Javed. The annoyed listeners say that by airing such programs the channel is really misguiding the youth and presenting wrong picture of our culture.

They say that just for the sake of earning few pennies the management of the channel is trying to portray a wrong picture of our culture.

They have requested Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to take some strict action against such types of programs and ensure good quality programs which they can at least listen along with their families. Now let’s see the format of the show.

What really happens is that the listener calls in to the show and gives the contact number of the person he/she wants to talk to. After taking the number form the caller off the air the RJ dials his/her desired number and provides an opportunity to talk on air.

Afterwards the RJ asks the first caller to dedicate the song to the person he/she is talking to. And if he/she fails to do it then the RJ plays the song of his own choice which sometimes sounds offensive to listeners.

One of the episodes of the show really embarrassed many listeners. In the show there was a call from a female student who wanted to talk to her teacher who was angry with her.

She shared her wish with the RJ and next minute she was on air talking to her teacher. While listening to them one could easily feel how uncomfortable the teacher was while talking to his student.

But later the RJ made the situation more awkward when he dedicated a very romantic song to the teacher from that student. The listeners heard the teacher complaining on air about the nature of the song he had played for him.

It is just one example but in this one-hour show one can come across many such examples. Besides, last Saturday there was a show on FM 100 Pakistan called ‘Move It’? The show was hosted by two RJs namely Erma and Aamir.

Their conversation no doubt was also a great shock for the listeners as they heard the female RJ putting lipstick on her male co-host. Though they were doing it for the sake of fun but from listeners’ point of view it did not leave a good impression.

While listening to this entire program one really wondered what type of nasty things were happening on air and what type of trends the private radio channels were trying to popularize. As majority of the people participating in the show are young boys and girls the RJS should try to remain decent.
Source: The Post