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Floral Art Society of Pakistan holds meeting

ISLAMABAD: The Floral Art Society of Pakistan (FASP) held its monthly meeting under the title ‘Evolution in Floral Art’.

Members were taken on a journey of evolution that floral art went through, internationally, nationally and at the local level, since its conception in Islamabad in 1998.

The historical background of flower arrangement was given by Farhana Azim, who talked about different stages and styles of flower arrangement and the international influences that were responsible for shaping these over decades, gradually changing it into an art form resulting in the change of terminology where ‘flower arrangement’ came to be known as ‘Floral Art’.

“Floral Art slowly developed in Pakistan and also globally our members participated at national and international forums. Developing a style of their own, this could be termed as the ‘Modern Style’ and is being accepted as the ‘Pakistani style’ of floral art,” FASP said in a press meeting.

The society’s members demonstrated this journey of evolution in eight different styles; traditional, vertical, horizontal, mass, hanging, contemporary, modern and abstract; sharing the characteristics and requirements of each style, techniques used and displayed as they talked about the influences that played a part in it.

This specific creative work was demonstrated by Huma Ehsan, Farzana Ansari, Farah Khursheed, Shahida Gandapur, Humaira Baber, Nasreen Mazhar, Shahida Maqbool and Sarwat Aslam. The audience was enthralled to see this display and appreciated the information shared. Some techniques were discussed and procedures were shared, as some plant materials became the focus of interest.

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