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First Urdu Web authoring workshop

ISLAMABAD- The Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) will conduct a two-day workshop in Urdu Web Authoring here from today at the IBADAT campus.

This is the second in a series of workshops in Urdu Web authoring that SDNP/IUCN plans to conduct.

This workshop, the first of its kind in the Capital, is based on the special software developed by Pakistan Data Management Services (PDMS).

Various government and non-governmental organisations will take part in the workshop, which will go some way towards creating more websites using Pakistan’s national language.

The resulting websites will benefit the large number of organization working for the uplift of rural communities in Pakistan. According to a Press release of IUCN, the plans are underway to establish a similar gateway in Urdu as well so that a larger number of Pakistanis here and abroad will have access to the latest development news and information in a language that they can easily understand.

In Pakistan, where less than 5 per cent of the population understands English, language is one of the biggest barriers to computer literacy in general, and use of Internet in particular.

In real terms it means that out of 140 million Pakistanis, 133 millions Pakistanis are totally denied access to the Internet, mainly because they are not able to read and write English.

Slowly, however, countries across the world have begun to realize that their national languages can thrive immeasurably on the Internet simply due to the sheer number of people accessing it and willing to learn from it.
Source: The Nation