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First anniversary of Gaza war: KPC organises photo exhibition on Israeli brutalities


KARACHI: On the first anniversary of Israeli aggression and barbaric attack on Gaza, Karachi Press Club and Iranian Consulate jointly organised a photo exhibition depicting the painful and poignant movements of the Zionist State’s aggression against the innocent Palestinians.

Photos of crying babies, injured kids, women, aged people and youth during the last year’s aggression, which left the Gaza strip destroyed with about 1400 people dead and thousands other injured, were displayed at the Najeeb Ahmed Terrace of the club.

Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran, Aga Masood Zamani inaugurated the exhibition along with Ameer Jamaat-i-Islami Sindh Assadullah Bhutto, Secretary General ANP Sindh, Amin Khattak, Secretary General PPP Sindh, Taj Haider, President KPC Imtiaz Khan Faran, Secretary A.H. Khanzada, Vice President Amir Latif and Joint Secretary Abid Hussain.

Advisors to Sindh Chief Minister Waqar Mehdi and Rashid Rabbani, Sindh Environment Minister Khalid Omer and a large number of KPC members were present on the occasion. The poignant depiction of the Israel’s aggression through photos of a lonely crying baby standing at the door of a house with rubble, a deadly wounded kid being carried on a stretcher, and other scenes of destruction and brutalities uncovers the real face of Zionism.

Earlier, Masood Zamani during the inaugural speech urged the world community to rein in Israel and resolve the long-standing issue for establishing permanent peace in the region and the whole world. He said that the defeat of Israel during its war against Lebanon at the hand of Hizbollah, in fact, led it to wage an all-out assault against the non-combatants of Gaza strip to take revenge for the embarrassment from Palestinians.

He added that Hamas resurrected with the public support despite loss of 1400 innocent lives and a complete destruction of their property, which was a moral defeat to those countries which refused to accept the Palestinians electoral decision.

Zamani held Israel’s conspiracy responsible behind the violent dispute between Al-Fateh and Hamas, which damaged the just Palestinian cause at large. Despite dooming the Gaza strip with lethal and heavy bombing, Israel to date has failed to achieve its goals.

Imtiaz Khan Faran said that the exhibition was aimed at showing the barefaced brutality of Israel against civilians of Gaza strip, which the US not only supported but also termed it justified. He lauded Iran’s brave stance for the just cause of Palestinians in all circumstances, as the neighbouring county’s sentiments during the last Gaza aggression was prominent.

He criticised US for its unilateral war against Iraq and widespread violence in Afghanistan. Amin Khattak deplored the silence of Muslim governments during the Gaza war, where innocent people were subjected to indiscriminate shelling and bombardments.

Though, they verbally condemned the brazen Israeli aggression, but their condemnation failed to refrain the Zionist State from killing innocent people, he maintained. He condemned all kind of aggressions, saying whether it is of imperialistic nature anywhere in the world or suicide bombing in Pakistan. He said his party is the staunch supporter of non-violence philosophy of late Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.

“No one has the right to occupy or destroy the Palestinians land,” he said, adding that the US and Israeli aggressions are condemnable. Taj Haider termed the creation of Israel on Palestinians land a conspiracy of the 20th century by expelling the original inhabitants of the land from their homes. He lauded Karachi Press Club for organising such an important exhibition.

He expressed concerns over the new military nexus of India, Israel and the US in the region, saying that it will leave serious implications on the regional politics. He said the growing ties of US with India has always been a concern for Pakistan.

He said that terrorism has never been the US concerns for being thousands miles away from the region but it is the problem of the regional countries. “The terrorists are not the well wisher of the country, rather, through their misdeeds, they provides opportunity to US to intervene in Central Asia and influence South Asia.”

Assadullah Bhutto said that the Israel’s defiance and aggressions was a clear violations of the global ethics, morality and laws, which the US, Britain and European countries always supported at UN and other platforms. He criticised the UN for not taking notice of the lethal weapons including the atomic bomb amassed by Israel, deploring it always put pressures on Pakistan and Iran.

He termed the drone attacks in tribal areas by US as terrorism, saying the Kerry-Luggar Law was a US “aggression” against Pakistan. Khalid Omer said that only giving complete rights to the Palestinians would ensure peace in the region. He demanded that Israeli aggression should be stopped and termed the holding of negotiation a best way to resolve the issue. He said that the Palestinian issue should be settled in line with the UN resolutions and condemned the US drone attacks on Pakistan.

Source: Business Recorder