FIA says no law now to check cyber crimes Ansar Abbasi's case against Fauzia Wahab's son closed -Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

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FIA says no law now to check cyber crimes Ansar Abbasi’s case against Fauzia Wahab’s son closed

ISLAMABAD: The FIA says there is no law in the country at the moment to check cyber crimes and has thus closed the investigation against the son of PPP Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab, who threatened Editor Investigation The News Ansar Abbasi some months ago in a text message.

This disclosure was made by the FIA in its reply to the query of Ansar regarding his complaint. The FIA on numerous occasions told Ansar that his complaint was under consideration, but this reply says the relevant law has lapsed so nothing can now be done. Ansar asked FIA: “This is with reference to my application dated Dec 18, 2009, regarding threatening SMS that I had received from 0333-2182500. As a consequence of my application, I received an acknowledgement letter No FIA/NR3C/cases/ISB/1327-29 from Shahid Nadeem Baloch, Project Director; however, I am not aware of the follow-up actions.” The reply of FIA says: “The contents of complaint prima facie attract the application of the Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance. The ordinance has, however, expired in November 2009 and thereafter neither the same has been re-promulgated nor any other law has been passed by Parliament dealing with offences punishable under PECO. In view of above legal position, the acts of omission/commission mentioned in the complaint do not constitute an offence punishable under any law available on the charter of FIA. Hence, no action can be initiated on your complaint by NRBC for want of jurisdiction.”
Source: The News