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Few suggestions for TV channels


I want to suggest a few things to TV channels that I think can enormously improve their quality; this is especially for the news channels.

1. Pronunciation of many anchors / representatives in various cities is bad. Anchors must go through training before coming live on TV.

2. A rule should be made for all channels including news channels to allot a fixed percentage of time to news, talk shows, humorous programmes, technology, nature, religion, sports, other entertainments and advertisements; in the absence of this diversity and choices, the viewers are getting mentally tired.

3. Modest dressing should be encouraged. We should definitely be forward thinking, but not at the cost of our social values.

4. Narrating news in rhymes should be avoided. It does not look good and reduces the seriousness of news. This expression could make news spicy but not sober. Newsreaders 30 years ago used to leave a special impression after news.

5. Microphones of participants who misbehave on talk shows must be switched off. They must learn how to respect others.

6. Dead bodies (blood stained or otherwise and their feet) should not be shown. We must understand that they leave an impact on children’s minds.

7. Too many Indian songs are added in news, even on very serious issues. Songs — Indian or Pakistani — must not be used in news, and only in lighter programmes. By adding songs, the news does not give the impression of being news.

8. International news should be telecast in the beginning of bulletins and their projection should be increased as is the norm with reputable international channels such as the BBC, CNN, Sky News or Al-Jazeerah.

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