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Everyone has an opinion these days courtesy 70 plus TV channels


“So the elections for the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) are over and need I add I was strongly supporting the winner Asma Jehangir…”

“Do you have a vote?”

“No I don’t, but hey it’s my right to have an opinion.”

“Everyone has an opinion these days on every thing courtesy the seventy plus channels.”

“I agree that previous elections did not get media coverage and therefore people like me were not that interested in the results of SCBA elections…”

“Right, but there was an anti-Asma campaign and…”

“I am aware of that but we need to see what she did…Her services for human rights in this country…”

“Correct, but the vilification campaign against her was focused on her opinions on some Supreme Court judgements and those opinions, her critics have us believe, undermined the judgments and…”

“Calm down my friend. First of all while you defend your right to an opinion you are denying Asma Jehangir the right to her opinion?”

“Well no but she said…”

“Whatever she said about the judgments is her right. You may disagree with her but it is her right.”

“Granted but…”

“If you fear that she may be biased in favour of one political party then I refer you to her statement after she won the elections.”

“I heard, she said that she will be apolitical and…”

“And what is about this statement that you do not understand or rather accept. Has she lied before in public?”

“No, she is much revered in this country and abroad…”

“So why can’t you accept what she says and reserve your judgement on her performance.”

“Hey I am a Pakistani – we don’t do rational things like that.”
Source: Business Recorder