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Lahore: I want to draw the attention of our authorities to the role of the electronic media, which is only focused on politics. I believe there is a need for local media to broaden its focus beyond the petty concerns of politicians. It should bring into focus some bigger issues that are taking place the world over.

The killing of Rohingyas in Burma is one example of such issues. Pakistani media could play a crucial role to draw the attention of international media and world peace making authorities (like the UN) to the issue. Being a part of the Muslim world, our local media should have realised this responsibility much earlier. But unfortunately it shrinks from assuming such big roles. Broadcasting petty concerns of self-centred politicians with Indian songs playing in the background goes beyond decency and ethics.

I think some action should be taken against such practices in order to make the media personnel realise that they are not beyond criticism. Merely holding talk shows would not help improve the international image of Pakistan.

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