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‘Electronic media reforming society’

The electronic media is playing a vital role in reforming society by highlighting social issues such as karo-kari and other feudal rituals, this helping to resolve them, speakers said Saturday at the launching ceremony of a book titled ‘Satellite Television and Social Change in Pakistan: A Case Study of Rural Sindh.” The book has been authored by Dr Mohammad Ali Shaikh.

“It is the first kind of book on satellite television in Pakistan. It is an innovative research work on social issues, particularly relating to interior Sindh. The study is fascinating and clear that would provide a great knowledge to people and help them to change their lifestyles,” they said.

The adviser to the Sindh governor, Yousuf Jamal, said that the print media was stronger than the electronic media because of the fact that it had played a major role in resolving social issues. “Satellite channels are also playing a good role in highlighting issues, but they still need to improve their service,” he said.

“One of the drawbacks of satellite TV channels is that they are degrading the regional languages by mixing English words while the other one is that they are creating panic and sensation,” he said, adding that there was a dire need to carry out research work in rural areas, particularly on bonded labour, karo-kari and the tribal system.

“It is usually said ‘learn from history,’ but now you are witnessing history on Satellite Channels clearly. These channels are raising water, power and flour crisis issues in a good manner,” he said.

He said that he had carried out extensive research and had brought it in the shape of a book highlighting the social issues being faced by people, particularly in rural areas.

He said that since the introduction of satellite channels, lifestyles in rural areas had changed and people were turning towards the urban culture.
Source: The News