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DT journalist assaulted in Khyber Agency

PESHAWAR: A senior tribal journalist was beaten up on Saturday by members of an armed group that had also kidnapped him two years ago. Qazi Rauf, Daily Times correspondent in Khyber Agency, said he would have been seriously injured had the police not intervened. The journalist was in Hayatabad Medical Complex to report the death of the group’s leader, Muhammad Lal, whose body had been brought there for autopsy after he was killed in a clash with a rival group in Bara. “When Lal’s brother Syed Lal saw me, he shouted to other men ‘here is the murderer of our brother’. They pushed me to the ground and started kicking me in the face,” said Rauf. During the assault, the journalist also lost his digital camera, cell phone, Rs 5,000 cash and press card. Police intervened and took Rauf to a police station and kept him there for three hours, without explanation. The Muhammad Lal-led group kidnapped Rauf two years ago, but freed him after 24 hours.
Source: Daily Times