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Drive against Hudood Ordinance slammed

KARACHI, July 14 2006: Prof Shah Faridul Haque, the newly-elected chairman of the Supreme Council of Jamiat Ulema-i-Pakistan (Noorani), said here on July 13 that anti-Islam forces were behind the drive against the Hudood Ordinance. Certain NGOs and some vested interest are attempting to put the country on the road to secularism and liberalism, the JUP leader said. while speaking at a meeting of the party. He said terrorism, corruption and loot and plunder was on the rise and it appeared if there was no government in the country.

Speaking about President Pervez Musharraf, he said that supremacy of constitution, law and parliament could not be established in the presence of a president in uniform. “We all should work for establishment of an independent judiciary and for the supremacy of law,” said Shah Faridul Haque. Shah Faridul Haq further said that the rulers were interested in prolonging their tenure rather than solving problems of the people.

Demanding representation of the opposition in the Council of Common Interests and for holding of free and fair elections after forming a national government, he pointed out that despite spending Rs 18 billion annually, the law and order situation in the country was not different from Karachi as most of the time of the government functionaries is being consumed in formulating strategies to meet the challenges posed by the opposition, and how to prolong their tenure.

Prof Farid regretted that the president is carrying on election campaign of Pakistan Muslim League—Q instead of remaining neutral, which is a violation of rules. He said only time would tell as to who had benefited from the legal reforms ordinance of the president. But, he added, no one would have any objection to the release of those languishing in prisons. He said keeping people in prisons during their trail is against Shariah and the government should also pay attention to this aspect.

Expressing sorrow over the PIA tragedy in Multan, he stated that the inquiry report be made public. The JUP meeting also endorsed a list of newly-elected office-bearers of the central JUP executive council which included Shah Mohammad Anas Noorani, Qari Zawwar Bahadur, Allama Dr Abul Khair Mohammad Zubair, Mohammad Hashim Siddiqui, Mohammad Siddique Rathore, Shabbir Ahmad Hashmi and Pir Ejaz Hashmi, Maulana Ghulam Mohammad of Balochistan, Allama Iqbal Azhari and Sahibzada Ahmad Mian, Haji Aslam Rokeri.
Source: Dawn