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Dr Shazia not gang-raped: report

QUETTA,March 10,2005: A tribunal, comprising judge of the Balochistan High Court, investigating the Dr Shazia case has said in its report that the lady doctor was sexually assaulted by one person and that evidence proved no link of the DSG with the case.

According to an announcement of the Balochistan government on Wednesday, the tribunal report, submitted to the provincial government the other day, said only one person sexually assaulted the lady doctor twice in the night, while another person was outside the room. This proved that it was not an incident of gang-rape.

According to the report of tribunal, the statements of the witnesses also did not prove any link of the DSG personnel with the incident. The report said the record pinpointed that the lady doctor was also not ready to register a case. “So, the report of the incident was not registered with her consent,” the report added.

The report said according to the statement of the Dera Bugti district Nazim, an unknown person informed him about the incident by telephone the next day, while there were rumours in the area that a DSG staffer was involved in it. On this base, he passed on the news to the DCO Dera Bugti.

According to the report, it has been stated in the statement of the lady doctor that the lock of the courtyard of her house was made in a way that it could not be opened if it is closed from inside. The doctor had herself locked the outside gate of the bungalow, a grill gate of the passage and the door of the bedroom. “An accepted fact of the incident is that the rapist had made a planning for entering the bedroom of the lady doctor despite the locked outside and grill gates and the bedroom door.

The tribunal neither pointed any person involved in the incident nor it directs the government or the police to investigate any person, however, the government has decided to widen the scope of investigations.

“The Balochistan government has decided to widen the scope of investigations to apprehend those involved in the case,” the announcement said. “In the light of the tribunal’s report, the government has directed the police to widen the scope of investigations outside the premises of PPL, if they required,” it added.
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